Bingo has long been a popular game for players all through the United States. With hundreds of local bingo halls and many land based casinos offering the game, players flock to Bingo games for their chance to enjoy a social event that also offers the chance to collect great payouts. The game is simple and can be learned by any new player, making it a great game for all ages. With online Bingo, players from the US can enjoy the same game and will never have to leave home. Bingo sites that feature games online will provide access to game variations, including 75, 80 and 90 ball games and there are many patterns that are used. There are a number of benefits to playing at US Bingo sites and after some light reading and basic research, players will be able to find a site that will meet all of their Bingo needs and provide them with a secure environment where they can enjoy instant access to real money games.

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Playing Bingo online for real money is considered to be a form of online gambling, so US players will have to be aware of all gambling laws that can affect how they access sites. Online gambling is not illegal for US players, but the government has taken steps to reduce the number of players online. This was done with the passing of UIGEA in 2006, which prohibited banks and other financial institutions in the US from processing any payments to or from and online gambling site. While this did not eliminate the ability to play online, it does prevent players from using credit and debit cards at off shore casino sites.

Luckily, changes are being made in the US pertaining to online gambling and a number of states have passed legislations that allow this form of gambling. Some states are operating online sites that offer casino games and bingo games, but the only players that are accepted are those that reside in the state where the site is operated. This means that while there are some true US bingo sites, most players will have to continue to find games at off shore sites.

Playing at Off Shore Bingo Sites

While there are some great US based bingo sites, most players will find they have more choices and game varieties when playing at an off shore site. These are casinos or bingo halls that are being operated in other countries and with hundreds of sites offering real money bingo games, there are tons of ways to enjoy the action of this classic game. Off shore sites that are licensed and regulated will provide player protection and they will also offer great incentives for players. Not every bingo site will be US friendly and this will largely depend on the software that is being used.

When looking for a US friendly site, make sure all transactions are processed in US Dollars and that there are different methods that can be used for deposits and withdrawals. Remember, US players will not be able to use credit or debit cards at these sites. Off shore bingo sites do provide secure connections and some will have instant play games where no download will be required. The key thing is for players to ensure the site is licensed and make sure it has a positive reputation in the industry. Check out some reviews and player comments to learn as much as possible. All of the sites that are promoted here are US friendly, so choosing any of these will ensure a great experience along with the chance to collect some astounding payouts from games, some of which will present the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot.

Benefits of Online Bingo

There are many advantages when one selects to play bingo games online. Anyone that has ever played any form of the game can easily get started after they have selected a reliable and reputable bingo site. One of the great aspects of playing online is that players are not limited to a single form of the game. Some sits offer multiple game variations and other sites specialise in one game. This allows players to choose 75, 80 or 90 ball bingo games, all of which can be played right from home or on a mobile device. Convenience is one of the main attractions for players. With online bingo, there are always games available 24/7, so there is no waiting for games to start and no travelling involved. Just choose a site, make a deposit and get started playing real money bingo in a flash.

Another great benefit is the bonus offered by a bingo site. Almost every site will present new players with a welcome bonus, but the rewards do not stop here. After redeeming the welcome offer and collecting free cash, players can enjoy ongoing promotions that can offer cash back bonuses, additional deposit bonuses and much more. Each bingo site will have a different list of promotions available. Some sites will also have side games that offer more chances to win.

Online bingo rooms will also have a chat feature, allowing all players to easily communicate throughout the game. There are also some nice features like auto-daub. With online bingo, the number of cards that can be purchased will vary and players can choose different denominations for those cards. There are some sites that allow players o enjoy as many as 300 cards at one time, which is definitely more  than any land based bingo hall would ever allow.

Online bingo is easy to play, so it can be enjoyed by just about anyone. The payouts for the games are pretty impressive as well and there are some amazing jackpots that can be won. With online bingo, players will remain safe and secure and will enjoy instant access to real money games at any time of the day. These are just a few of the great advantages to playing online and as players access sites, they will continue to learn about all of the benefits of being an online bingo player.

Player Security Measures

One of the main concerns when playing bingo online is the security offered to players. As mentioned, licensed and regulated sites are the best as they adhere to local gambling laws and have taken necessary steps to ensure the protection of each and every player that registers an account. In addition to the basic layers of protection, online bingo sites will offer privacy policies. These state that all personal and financial information will be stored securely in a database and that none of the information will be used for any reason other than account management. The site will not share player info with any third party without the consent of the player.

For those who are playing for real money, transactions are completely secure. The leading sites in the industry will always make sure that deposits and withdrawals are handles with care and they are all processed securely using 128-bit encryption software. This is the same type of software that is used by online banks, so players can be sure their information is always protected. With encryption software, all info that is provided will be scrambled, decreasing the chances of fraud or hacking.

If players ever have any concerns regarding their safety when gambling online, they can contact the customer support team at the selected bingo site. These trained representatives will assist in any way possible and will tell players all about the measures that are in place to keep them secure with every visit to the site. The support team can also address any questions or concerns regarding games offered, payments or anything to do with the player account. Player protection is one of the main things that players worry about, but with a number of high quality bingo sites that cater to US players, a bingo experience online can be quite safe and very enjoyable.

Playing Bingo for Free

While most players who access a US friendly online bingo site will want to collect cash for games that have been won, there are also players who just want to play for entertainment purposes. This is why there are a number of sites that offer free bingo games. With a free game, players will play a regular game of bingo and will have all game features available. The only difference is that these games are completely risk free. Players will not have to pay to play, but they won’t be able to collect any payouts either. Free games can be fun and enjoyable and many new players will resort to these games to get a feel for playing online bingo. Free games can be found at many online casinos, bingo sites as well as basic gaming sites. When playing for free, players can enjoy chatting with others and can even learn some tips and tricks along the way that will help them when they start to buy real money bingo cards.