Online Bingo Sites that Take Amex

Online Bingo Sites that Take Amex

amex-cardAs players are already aware, they will have to fund a bingo account using a supported payment method if they wish to benefit from the payouts offered with the games at the site. There are many different methods that can be used and most payers will choose to use a credit card like American Express. Credit card transactions at bingo sites are safe and secure and offer a way to make an instant deposit. Unfortunately, many players do not have an Amex card or are restricted legally from using credit cards. For those that can make use of this method, they will benefit from secure transactions and the assurance they are dealing with a trusted and respected credit card company.

When playing online bingo for real money, there is always a risk, so it is essential to have a gambling budget in place even when using credit cards. Since it is so easy to just make instant deposits and add the running total to the credit card balance, many players will find that when their statement comes at the end of the month, they have spent more than they can afford. Prepare a budget before playing any real money bingo game so that one will know just how many games they can play and how much they can afford to lose. This will reduce any surprises when that statement does come in and will allow for a positive gaming experience overall.

How to Deposit with Amex

When players make the decision to fund their accounts using American Express, they will visit the bingo sites cashier and select that payment method. They will then be asked for some personal information as well as card information. This information is only used for account verification and to make deposits and it will be safely stored and not used for any other purpose. After the correct information has been entered, the card will be verified. This will just take a few minutes and once this is done, players can instantly make a deposit by choosing Amex and selecting an amount to add to their account.

The amount that is being deposited at the bingo site will then be charged to the Amex card and will appear on the monthly statement. Players are responsible for paying this amount as well as making sure that the charges are correct. It is advised that players check on their statement frequently to make sure that only authorised deposits are being made with the account. Once an initial deposit has been made, players can simply deposit more funds at any time since all of the information will be stored at the site and ready to use. Using Amex is fast and simple and is one of the easiest ways for players to fund a real money account, but as with any form of online gambling, there are risks, so always be sure to only play at sites that use the best encryption software, offer player privacy and protection and are licensed and regulated as all of these will help to protect the financial information of the player and provide for a positive experience.

Benefits of Using American Express

American Express is not one of the more popular credit cards being used by online gamblers, but when it is chosen, there are some great benefits that will be enjoyed by the player. Amex has an unlimited credit line, which means that players are free to deposit as much as they want into their bingo accounts online with no worries. This is great for those that are depositing large amounts often at the site. The processing of deposits is very fast, which means players will not have to wait for transactions to be completed to start playing. Another benefit is that Amex is a trusted brand that has been used for many years. With a commitment to users, the credit card offers additional protection against fraud and unauthorised transactions offering players another sense of security when they choose this method to make instant deposits. Another reason that many players will select is option is that there are no fees associated with making any deposit online.

Drawbacks of Using Amex

As mentioned, this is not the most used credit card so not every bingo site will support the method. It may take some time and research to find just a handful of sites that will allow players to make use of Amex for deposits. Another downfall is that many sites will not support Amex withdrawals. While it can be a fast and easy deposit solution, players will have to use another banking option when they wish to make withdrawals from their bingo accounts online.

Other Deposit Options

Most players who think of American Express will think of a credit card, but the company also offers prepaid cards that can be purchased. If players find a bingo site that supports Amex and they do not have a card, they can make use of these prepaid cards and still get to enjoy the real money bingo games that are offered. With a prepaid card, one will purchase the card at a retail location or online for a specific amount. They will then redeem the card just as if they were using a credit card. By selecting Amex through the bingo cashier and entering the voucher number, an instant deposit can be made and the amount will be deducted from the amount on the card. The great thing about this option is that it prevents overspending as players can only deposit the amount that the card has been purchased for.

Using the Amex prepaid card adds some security to the transaction. Since no personal or financial details will be given to the bingo site, Amex prepaid cards allow players to remain anonymous and always in control of their spending. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of sites that do accept Amex overall, so those looking to make use of this method will have to spend some time to find a site and then make sure it will meet all of their online bingo needs.