Online Bingo Sites that Take MasterCard

Online Bingo Sites that Take MasterCard

mastercardWhen it comes to playing at bingo sites and winning money, players will first have a decision to make in regards to the payment methods they wish to use. For US players, there are limited methods due to legal restrictions from UIGEA, but for other players from locations around the globe, there are great options such as MasterCard. MasterCard is one of the most used credit cards in the word and with leading bingo sites supporting the use of the card, it is easy and safe for players to fund their accounts and begin playing bingo while having the chance to collect real money payouts.

Online bingo for real money is a fun and exciting pastime and with thousands of players accessing hundreds of sites daily, the act of playing online continues to be a popular choice. When players choose to use MasterCard to fund their accounts, they will be in safe hands. Not only does the bingo suite take precautions when processing transactions, but players will also benefit from the security of the card itself, knowing they are dealing with one of the most reputable credit card companies in the world.

How to Use MasterCard Online

To get started playing real money bingo using MasterCard, players will have to visit the cashier at the site. They will select MasterCard from the pull down menu and will then be asked to enter some information. This will include the name on the card, the number, the code on the back of the card as well as the billing address associated with the credit card account. All of this information is stored securely and will be used to verify the credit card, which will take about 5 minutes. This is a one time process and after the card is verified, players can use it for all further transactions.

After verifying the card, players will simply enter the amount they wish to deposit to their bingo account. The money will be transferred immediately and players can get right into the action of bingo games. The amount of the deposit will be charged to the card and will appear on the statement. Those with online account access can view their statements at any time to keep track of their spending at the bingo site. At the end of the billing period, the statement will arrive and players will have to pay the required amount.

Using MasterCard is safe and fast and has been a preferred method for many players over the years. Online bingo sites take great precautions to provide a safe environment, so players can be sure that their card information is always safe and that they will have access to the top rated real money games online.

Security When Using MasterCard

When players are choosing a bingo site, one of the first things they should consider is the supported payment methods as well as the level of security in place when making deposits. The site should make use of state of the art encryption software, which is what is used at many online banking sites. This software will scramble all information so that fraud is prevented. Never play at a site that does not use encryption software. It is also important to make sure the site has a privacy policy in place, With this, the site will guarantee that information is stored securely and that it is solely used for account management purposes and will not be sold or traded to a third party.

Prepaid MasterCard

Even if players do not have a standard MasterCard, they can still use this banking option at most bingo sites. This can be done by buying a prepaid card. These are purchased at retail locations for a specific amount. The card is bought with cash or another payment method and an amount is then placed on the card, ready for use. Players will simply visit the bingo site and select MasterCard and will enter the voucher number from the prepaid card. They can then deposit an amount instantly and that amount is deducted from the balance remaining on the prepaid card. The only downfall to this is that prepaid cards cannot be used for withdrawals, so those who have won will have to find another way to remove their winnings from their bingo accounts.

Advantages of Using MasterCard

Seeing as MasterCard is one of the most used credit cards around the globe, it is widely accepted at online gambling sites, including those dedicated to bingo games. There are very few operating sites that will not support this method, so it is one that can be used by most players. Some players will not have the benefit due to local gambling laws that prohibit the use of major credit cards, but for most, this is a usable and safe option.

When using MasterCard at bingo sites, there are no added fees. The deposits will be made instantly and there is no cost that is associated with making the deposit. The only fee that may be incurred is if there is a currency conversion. Another great advantage is that all transactions are instant. Players will not have to wait for funds to clear. After the card has been verified at the site, all further deposits will appear instantly in the account.

Since this company has been providing credit card services for many years, players will immediately feel safe using their cards online. MasterCard also offers protection against unauthorised transactions, so there is an added layer of security when choosing this payment option. With so many sites supporting the use of MasterCard, anyone that has a card will find that it is the easiest and safest way to create and manage a real money account at an online bingo site. With instant deposits, great protection and the ability to monitor spending, MasterCard has become one of the most used methods by gamblers all over the world and it is supported at the majority of leading bingo sites.