Online Bingo Sites that Take Prepaid Credit Cards

Online Bingo Sites that Take Prepaid Credit Cards

prepaid-cardFor those that enjoy the action of bingo games, there is nothing greater than being able to play these games from home and have the chance to win real money payouts. Online bingo sites offer a variety of games that can offer great rewards and there are even progressive jackpots that can be won. With millions of people from all over the world playing online, the best bingo sites will offer a long list of payment methods that can be used. One of the popular choices amongst players is a prepaid credit card. This is a great way to fund any gambling account and provides an instant way to start playing real money bingo games.

With prepaid credit cards, players can remain anonymous when they play at the site and will not have to worry about the security of account numbers or restrictions based on local gambling laws. Prepaid cards can easily be purchased just about anywhere in the world and can quickly be redeemed online to make instant deposits. For bingo players, prepaid cards offer a number of amazing benefits and since they are so easy to use, they have become one of the top methods of payment.

How to Use Prepaid Credit Cards

Getting started with prepaid cards is very simple. First, the player will visit a retail location and purchase a card or a paid voucher. The card will be worth a specific amount. For instance, players may purchase two cards for $50 so they can use them at different sites or they will purchase a $100 card for easy use. Once the cards bought, it will contain a voucher number and this is how it will be redeemed online.

To make use of the newly purchased card, players will visit their favourite bingo site and see that the prepaid card is supported as a payment method. They will then select the card of their choice and enter the voucher number provided on the card. At this time, players can select the amount they wish to deposit to the bingo site. Not all of to the money on the card has to be deposited at one time. Players can make multiple small deposits or one large deposit based on their gambling needs. Once all of the funds on the card have been used, it cannot be used any longer and a new card will have to be purchased.

When using prepaid credit cards, no personal or financial information will ever have to be provided to the bingo site. This lets players remain anonymous and also prevents the chance of anyone hacking accounts and obtaining important financial information. Prepaid cards offer instant deposits, so there is also no waiting involved. After the card is redeemed and a deposit amount selected, the funds will instantly be available at the bingo site and can be used to purchase bingo cards.

Why Choose Prepaid Cards

Since no important information will be exchanged, using a prepaid card is one of the safest ways to gamble online. Players will not have to risk providing account numbers and can remain anonymous while playing. One of the great things is that this is an option that is available to all players. If one does not have a credit card or even a bank account, they can still purchase a prepaid card and start playing online with no problems.

Prepaid cards are a perfect way for players to monitor their spending as well. Since they can only spend the amount that is on the card, there is no chance of overspending when gambling, so it is an ideal solution for those with tight budgets or even players who have gambling problems and need to control their spending.

Prepaid cards offer players the same convenience as if they were using a credit card but there are fewer risks involved, which is why this has become one of the preferred means of making any real money deposit at a bingo site. These cards are supported at most sites and can include Union Pay, MST Gift Cards, Prepaid Visa, Prepaid Amex, Prepaid MasterCard, Ukash, Paysafecard and many more.

Prepaid Cards and Account Management

Using a prepaid card allows players to have complete control over their account and their spending habits. The cards can only be worth a maximum amount and can only be redeemed when there are available funds. This means that once they are used, they are worthless. With a prepaid card, players can keep a close eye on the amount that is being spent at an online bingo site and can reduce the chances of overspending when playing real money games. For those that have difficulty managing an account, this is a great solution. Prepaid cards are widely accepted at leading sites, so there is no shortage of selections when it comes to finding a great bingo site that can offer amazing payouts. Since prepaid cards can be purchased for various amounts players can determine ahead of time how much they intend on spending at a site, which will help with the maintenance of a budget when playing any real money games.

Downfalls of Prepaid Cards

There are very few disadvantages to using prepaid credit cards when playing bingo online, however, they do exist. One of the main problems is that these cards are for deposits only. There are no bingo sites that will issue a withdrawal through a prepaid card. This means that players who use these cards to add funds will have to use another method to receive the winnings that have been generated.

Another downfall is that the cards will have a maximum amount that can be added. For players who make large deposits, it may be necessary to purchase more than one prepaid card to cover the amount that is being added to a site. Aside from these two issues, prepaid cards are very beneficial and have become the leading choice for players all over the world, especially those that are from the United States since they are restricted from using major credit or debit cards to fund gambling accounts online.