NewsHigh 5 Bingo Promotion

High 5 Bingo Promotion

August 21, 2015

Some very high valued bingo games are being held daily over at Vic’s Bingo, and if you fancy playing some bingo online between now and the 23rd of August 2015 then that is the bingo site you need to pay a visit to.

Each day Vic’s Bingo are holding a series of two hour special bingo games which are part of their High 5 promotion, and by taking part in those bingo games if you manage to call bingo on any 5th number called out of the bingo machine then a range of bonus cash prizes will be coming your way.

To ensure every one of their players is going to be able to take part in at least one of these special High 5 bingo sessions they have spread them out during the day and night, and also have them available in some of their most popular bingo rooms.

So finding a bingo room at which you can comfortably afford the bingo tickets and at a time of your own choosing will be easy, and remember that the more games you take part in the more chances you will have of winning one of the bonus guaranteed cash prizes.

Keep in mind that Vic’s Bingo is of course one of our top rated US player friendly bingo sites so no matter where you live in the US you are going to be made most welcome. They do of course have a wide range of banking options available so funding your account and getting paid all of your winnings will be easy.

High 5 Bingo Game Schedule

Let us now give you an idea of just which bingo rooms are holding this special set of High 5 bingo games and also we will let you know below what times the games are playing and how much in guaranteed cash is on offer to each player calling bingo on any 5th ball called out.

Supernova Room – Each bingo game that you can play during the High 5 bingo sessions held in the Supernova Room have a cash prize of $2000 on offer on them however if you are lucky enough to call bingo on any 5th number drawn out then the guaranteed cash prize is a very large $200.

The times of day when you will find these bingo games on offer in this bingo room are between 7pm and 9pm EST each night the promotion is running, so do make sure you get there nice and early and get your bingo tickets purchased well in advance of the first game starting.

Fusion Room – Should you not be free until much later on in the evening then make sure you set aside some bingo play time between the hours of 9pm and 11pm EST and make sure you are in the Fusion Room between those two times.

If you do decide to give these High 5 bingo games some play time between those two hours in the Fusion Room at Vic’s Bingo then each game you play will have a cash prize of a large $1500 on offer on them and the bonus prize for calling bingo on any 5th number called is a very respectable $150.

Be aware that the High 5 bingo games will not be running on Saturday in this bingo room as there are some additional high paying alternative bingo games in play and available between 9pm and 11pm each and every Saturday night.

Dollar Room – If you are looking for plenty of high paying bingo games to play and you are also seeking games on which you will be buying your tickets of $1 each then it will of course be the aptly named Dollar Bingo Room than you should be playing in over at Vic’s Bingo.

If you are free any evening between now and the 23rd of August 2015 then by logging into the Dollar Room between the hours of 5pm and 7pm EST you will find a nonstop High 5 bingo session in live play. Each bingo game has a jackpot on offer of $1000 and if you are any one of the many lucky bingo players that calls bingo on any 5th number called out of the bingo machine you will win a bonus cash prize of some $100.

Afterhours Lounge – If you are the type of bingo player who is up all night or who is an early riser then make sure you pay a visit to the Vic’s Bingo site and log into their Afterhours Lounge. If you do just that between the hours of 5am and 7am EST then you will be able to take part in another high 5 bingo session.

This bingo room is very popular with both night owls and early risers and you will have the chance of winning $1000 on each game played with a guaranteed cash prize offered to every single player calling bingo on the 5th number called out of the bingo machine of some $100 there is lots of bonus cash up for grabs in this room.

Daily Bingo Bonuses

Even if you cannot make it over to Vic’s Bingo at any of the times that the High 5 bingo promotion is running, when you do have some spare time available you will always find a range of special high paying bingo jackpot games up and running.

However, please be aware that as one of our top rated bingo sites you are also going to be able to make use of a very large range of daily bonuses every single day of the week. So if you are looking for the maximum bingo playing value lots of bonuses and guaranteed cash prizes, and are demanding a bingo site that will pay you qualify whenever you make a cash out, the Vic’s Bingo really is the site for you.

Plus they have also just launched a brand new selection of bingo slot games, all of which offer multiple staking options and each of them come with high payout percentages and some life changing jackpots too.