Online Bingo With Progressive Jackpots

Online Bingo With Progressive Jackpots

With thousands of players enjoying the ability to access online bingo, many players take things one step further and seek out sites that present the chance to win a progressive jackpot when playing the game. Progressives work just as they do at a casino either online or on land. Players will purchase cards and a portion of the cost will be added to the progressive jackpot amount. Each site that offers progressives will have different rules for winning and will have various seed amounts. So this is important information to gather when choosing sites and progressive games.

Progressive bingo games make playing even more exciting. Not only will players have the ability to win from the standard games, but they will have the chance to collect massive payouts if they are a lucky jackpot winner. Progressive bingo games can only be played by real money account holders, so if one is interested in winning these huge payouts, they need to register an account and make cash deposit. They can then sect the progressive bingo game that is offered and start playing for their chance to become the next big winner at the site.

Progressive Jackpot Values

The actual amount that can be won when playing a progressive bingo game will vary per site and will always be for a different amount. The progressive jackpots do tend to be worth less than with other games that may be played at online casinos, but there are some great payouts that can be enjoyed. Jackpots can be a set amount or they can increase as more players play the game. Most games that have a high progressive value will also have a higher card cost, so this is also something to consider when choosing to play online.

Each site will also have a different seed amount. This means that after the jackpot has been won, it will be reset to the seed amount and will begin growing from there. Players who play often should check with the site to see what this amount is. Most players will choose progressive games that are offering huge payouts overt those that have recently been won.

Watch For Bonus Restrictions

New players will often overlook the terms and conditions that are started with the bonuses that are offered at a bingo site. It is important information and can very per site. Most of the online bingo sites that offer a progressive jackpot will not allow players to win when they are playing with bonus money. The bonus money must instead be used on the standard bingo games that are offered. Before choosing any progressive, make sure to understand the rules and know whether bonus money can be used and still make players eligible for winning the progressive amount. A number of players have been disappointed and outraged when they have won a progressive game only to learn that they cannot claim the big prize because they have been playing with bonus money.

How to Win the Jackpot

Each bingo site will have different rules for the jackpot game, but most will offer the huge payout to the player that gets a cover all using a certain number of balls. The majority of 75 ball bingo games with a progressive will require a cover all with 40 balls or less to be declared the winner. If no player wins in that amount, the jackpot remains in place and will increase in value as players purchase cards for the next game.

Tips to Win the Progressive

One of the best ways to increase the chances of winning the progressive is to buy and play as many cards as possible. However, players will have to pay attention to the cost of the cards and ensure their purchase fits into their set budget. Also make note of the time one is playing as this can affect the chances of winning.

The best odds will not be enjoyed when many players are at the site and playing the same game. The goal is to find a time where the traffic count is low and there are the fewest number of players involved. Early mornings and late nights are the best times and progressive players shod always avoid playing on the weekends and holidays as this is when the most players will be at the site.

If the site offers an auto-daub feature, make sure to use it. When playing multiple cards, it can be easy to miss a number and when playing for progressive jackpot. This is the last thing any player wants to happen. With auto-daub, the cards will be automatically marked when the number is called, eliminating the chances of missing out on any numbers or possible bingos.

Keep in mind that bingo is a game of luck and there are no real strategies that can be used to increase the chances of winning. However, playing the most cards possible and using auto-daub will be beneficial for any player, even when not playing for a progressive amount.

Difficulty of Winning

Winning a progressive bingo game can be a very difficult task. It will be required to cover the entire card with just a small number of balls so many f these games are not won for a long time, leasing to higher jackpot values. When playing, do not get discouraged if a jackpot is not won. The game can still be enjoyable and even rewarding without winning the progressive. This is just an added extra should a player be lucky enough to get the pattern needed to yell Bingo and collect that huge prize. Since the games are so difficult to win, players will find that progressive jackpots for bingo games can increase very quickly, even after they have been won recently. The best thing for players to do is play the game just as they would any other bingo game and forget about the jackpot. That way, they will not be discouraged when they don’t win, but will be in for a great surprise when they do and they are able to collect the thousands in payouts.